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Of all C.M. Weller's random ideas, this is one of the ones that needs the most explanation to outsiders.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo[]

Skippy, or Skip for short, is the titular hero of a kiddies drama THAT WILL NOT FIRKIN DIE. It was originally a black-and-white teledrama featuring a trained wallaby as Skippy and a bunch of humans who apparently suffered from Fecocephalia.

Any and all shots of SKippy manipulating anything was -and still is- done with puppetted, fake, kangaroo hands.

Skippy communicated solely by rhythmic clicks and frequently required a child interpreter whose every line began with "What's that, Skip?" in the most annoying tones one can possibly imagine.

Yes. This particular teledrama is more annoying than Jar-Jar Binks.

So it's practically a patriotic duty to take the living piss out of this show.

Naturally, Mx Weller and Mayhem brainstormed the title of Skippy the Bush Exorcist out of a fit of pure boredom. It would of course, need subtitles.

"Click click clickclickk clickclickclick clickclickk clickclickclickclick click..." [Subtitle: The power of Christ compels you!]

...well... the participants found it hilarious.