Amalgam Station Wiki

The anthology of 2015's instant stories as prompted by the readers of the author's blog.

Currently still in progress, with a plan to contain 365 stories. All collected, corrected, collated and bundled for your entertainment.


The practice of writing a daily Instant was initiated in 2013 as a means to exercise C. M. Weller's writing skills. The author has since never suffered a day of writer's block.

The Instants have also become a testing ground for potential ideas. The more subsequent requests based off an Instant there are, the more likely it is to have a novel that results from an Instant.

The covers are deliberately simple as C. M. Weller is economically challenged and possesses the artistic skills of a concussed whelk.

Owing to the pay-what-you-want pricing system, many people who "buy" a copy of the anthologies choose to pay $0 - this is their right... but it does tend to tick the author off.

No more than 16 people currently own a complete copy of any Year of Instants

Once there are three volumes available, the Years of Instants will be linked as a series.

Cover changes currently include the year added to the face of the melted watch. This year's cover will definitely have a background colour change to differentiate it from the other two.

Audiences seem to prefer the shorter, punchier stories. At least according to the notes they gather.

Very few Instants have ever received more than 5 notes.

Many Instants receive zero notes.

C. M. Weller views writing the Instants as a form of self-entertainment. This helps prevent the heartbreak that results from an Instant going unnoticed.

C. M. Weller's memory is terrible and ze keeps the Years of Instants on hir computer in case a prompt references a previous Instant.

There is now a master file in progress. It is going to become part of the author's info page so that visitors can sample a random Instant.