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Nor Gloom of Night is an illustration as to why Lowest Bid Planning is bad for you and life in general


Paul Collins is the sole crew member of the courier vessel, Revere's Ride. Well. Sole cogniscent crew member. The only company he has on the very long haul is his cat, Liz.

His battle is against Lowest Bid Construction, and the hazards caused by Nev-R-Fail not living up to its name when it comes to the safety products installed. And it's with the cascade of failures that has lead directly to the death of some of his cargo/passengers.

You see, he was transporting cryo-suspended colonists at low speeds to a distant world.

Paul takes his job seriously, and considers his job as a glorified postman to be an ideal to live by.

The mail must get through.

Through rain, sleet, snow, hail, and gloom of night. And the death of his only companion on the long trip.

In order to survive to get to his destination, Paul must trash everything and jury-rig his own systems. And, in preperation for the unthinkable, leave his last messages for friends, family, employers, and the strangers who will eventually find him.

[spoilers: he makes it, and in gratitude for his heroics, they clone his cat]