Amalgam Station Wiki

C.M. Weller's Random Words and Phrases Collection[]

The following fragments may never see reality. They're merely kept on the off chance that they might come in handy.

Mx Weller keeps these things in a file on hir phone.

The Randomness[]

  • Hycor
  • Klacid
  • Oroxine
  • Chlorosid
  • Predsols
  • Codalign
  • Tashier
  • Laindansu
  • Methopt
  • Flaminal
  • Trashitarian
  • Snazzen
  • Tenouttaten
  • KFZ: Must kick butt. Then eat brain.
  • Where Clouds Should Run
  • Four D's: deny, distract, delay, decamp.

Rael growled in frustration as Shayde slowed at another graffiti wall. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Lookin' fer the sigh."

That made no sense, but Shayde rarely did. "What sign?"

"The sign I'm no' stayin'. There's always the words when I'm no' stayin'."

"And what words are these?"

"Tommy Westphall was here."

"Lips drawn so taut through vanity surgery that they were ready to snap"

  • I'm under the affluence of inkahol
  • I'm inneberlated
  • I'm not as thunk as you drink I am
  • I'm not drunk, I'm chemically enhanced
  • I'm not drunk, I'm chemically impaired
  • I'm not chemically impaired, I'm drunk
  • I think someone mipped me a slickey

In a moment of punch-drunk, sleep-deprived, crazed genius...

The screen readout looked like the unholy progeny of confetti and a 3-D magic eye picture.

A queue of optimists waiting their turn to prod the foliage of the Ceasar Prawn Salad, to see if anyone had - or could- find traces of said crustacean.

Rael pressed the door chime to Shayde's living chambers. Synthesized bells rang two notes so asinine that what passed for a melody should have been banned long ago. For all he knew, it had been.

Within, there was a chaos of collisions and curses. It all finished with a final, "Fook."


"Uh. Shayde isnae here right now," said Shayde from the other side of the door. "Leave a message after the tone and she'll get right back tae ye." A pause, filled with covert swearing. "Beeeeep."


"Shayde, there's no such thing as an answering machine for your door."

"Woh? Still?"

"No, they tried them and banned them in--" Rael cut himself off. "That's not the point. We need to talk."

"But ma place is a wreck..."

Ingredients: Awesome Sauce... EPIC MEAT... and mildly indifferent cheese.

"As clever as a wet towel"

X is invisible plot in Amalgam. Victim flips the shit out of the captain's cup. Cue chaos.

Let it rain, let it pour/ Let the old man snore

We have a hideous monster living in our house. It's just couch-surfing until it gets back on its feet.

Talk softly and press record.

  • I have a life - it's just not related to your reality
  • I have a life - most of it's on imaginary planets
  • I have a life - theoretically

There are some levels of genius that require another individual in control of their leash

Rabid, blood-thirsty, giant mutant possum-rats

Go suck diaper seeds

Mrs Winkle is eating right now... Nek minit - death by invisible reptile

An infant Snoogle-fleecher

Skippy the bush Exorcist