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Hevun's Gate is the third and final instalment of the the Hevun's Child trilogy.


The humans have captured the station. The Majestrix herself is a captive aboard her own luxury yacht. The humans have their freedom and Sahra, working with the appointed Saviour, is in charge. Together, they are working to free the other planets that the Tu'att have captured and transformed into barely-functioning Planets of Hats.

This is not as easy as it looks.

The humans want to return to a society they're familiar with, and try to run themselves by the laws the Masters knew. Some insist on half-remembered biblical law, and all depend on the Saviour to rule on their petty squabbles.

Unfortunately, the Saviour has left his boyfriend in charge. Lots of people are very unhappy about his existence, about the Galactics and Galactic Law, and about the entire freedom from slavery thing. Men are angry that they no longer get to rule over women. Rapists are taken out and beaten.

But there are people who don't like him and want him out. While the Saviour is saving other planets, a false rape charge is attempted and Raven is forced to come out as Gay. He's exiled by mob rule and excapes by the skin of his teeth.

Helping enforce his laws are gangs of LGBT "Angels" who visit the judgement of God upon the people who beat him. They also visit the judgement of God on child abusers, rapists, amd sexual abusers.

Meanwhile, Sahra continues to send video messages home. She just wants this entire fiasco over with.

Even after she and the Saviour sort out Hevun for a second time, Sahra still has to go to the Galactic Alliance for the Ambassadorial Meet. She has to stand for her people and make sure they get what they need. Which she handles with her usual flair for style.

Sahra freely allows people to under-estimate her, then gives them a lesson they'll never forget. She leaves a lasting impression on the Galactic Alliance.

And then, finally, she returns to her new home.

...not precisely an end, but a new beginning.