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Good Boy is the gut-wrenching story of an ageing mad scientist and his genetically modified dog. You can purchase it here.


Genetech has done all sorts of things to make Lyr Marken's job even more complicated than it has to be. It'd probably be tougher if she wasn't a pre-cognitive, but not by much. Your job of returning a lost dog to his owner should be easier if the dog can talk, right?


When you've just finished prying a gengineered cogniscent from fighting with a representative of his parent species, and the dog is singularly uninformative, your troubles are just beginning.

Dogs make good Augments. They're loyal and easily trained. They can respond to the slightest of hints from their owners. This Augmented dog, named simply Boy, doesn't have much in the way of a vocabulary... or wits.

The thing about dogs is... they will also eat their owners when the owners die.

When Boy's "Master" experienced medical trouble, Boy obeyed his training and ran to find help. When that master died...


Boy said it best: "Master is smell tasty."

His training to prepare meat conflicted with his programming to avoid hurting his master. Boy was stuck in a loop until Lyr intervened.