Amalgam Station Wiki

The clothing colour code was initialised by the Galactic Alliance as a means to reduce confusion and save time in urgent situations. Even those off-duty [as shown by their footwear] can and must assist if they are the closest expert in the area.

Off-duty citizens wear soft or open footwear, up to and including bare feet. Hard and closed footwear is for work.

Most citizens use sockasins [A hybrid of socks and moccasins. Basically socks with a sole] when off duty, as they can serve as socks in an emergency.

The clothing colour code:

  • Red - medical
  • Blue - engineering
  • White - languages [must know more than three]
  • Purple - security
  • Orange - services
  • Yellow - food preparation
  • Gold - Ambassador
  • Green - botanical
  • Grey - public property [also penal attire]
  • Silver - Emergency
  • Sparkly - entertainment

This is a general list as some occupations have specific colours [eg: Cleaner breeders wear bright pink with silver stars]