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"I write because I can't not write." -- C.M. Weller

About the Author[]

C.M. Weller was raised in the ways of Science Fiction, growing up on a mixture of Doctor Who and Star Trek and, when there was Star Wars, Star Wars.

Ze presents hirself as gender neutral as part of an ongoing social experiment. The nature of this experiment, as well as the identity of the author, will be revealed should hir books ever become bestsellers.

C.M. Weller lives "in the wilds of Burpengary" with a spouse [Beloved], two children [Mayhem and Chaos] and one cat. Ze also battles periodic encounters with depression and has Autism Spectrum Disorder.


C.M. Weller was born on the 4th of October 1972. [Gifts are always appreciated.] Ze has been a resident and citizen of Australia hir entire life. Ze has also been writing stories ever since ze could write.

It began humbly enough in primary school, with creative writing assignments. These assignments quickly became one of the sole reasons why Mx Weller remained in school, as the people ze shared school with were "wilfully ignorant dillweeds".

With the rise of the home PC and the fall of hir legibility, projects such as this began to appear on printer paper instead of as illegible scrawl on the page. Hir teachers loved the change, as they no longer had to worl to decipher hir spidery scratchings. All hir English teachers saved hir assignment work for last, as a welcome breath of fresh air against the monotony produced by hir contemporaries.

One such project, The Invasion of the Icky Green Things from Outer Space, was published in a local convention fanzine and is hir official first published work.

During University, there were no creative writing prijects to shape hir imagination and Mx Weller quickly turned to fanfic. zhir favourite fiction realms included Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Farscape, and X-Men: Evolution.

In fact, it was the cancellation of Deep Space Nine that gave rise to Amalgam Station and the surrounding universe.

In 2012, C.M. Weller began publishing short stories via Smashwords. But it was during 2013 that a discussion with a relative spurred the writing of hir first novels [ Hevun's Rebel, Hevun's Ambassador and Hevun's Gate] and hir first trilogy[known collectively as the Hevun's Child trilogy].

It was also during 2013 that Mx Weller decided to challenge hirself by writing daily flash fictions [known as instant stories] based on hir reader/follower's prompts. These flash fictions are collected in annual anthologies known as Years of Instants. This is fast becoming a tradition, even though the anthologies don't sell well, nor do they sell for much. Since payment on the Years of Instants is strictly voluntary, many readers decide to purchase the volumes for zero dollars - much to Mx Weller's annoyance.

Alongside the annual novel, the Years of Instants and the daily flash fiction, C.M. Weller also writes and releases a free short story every October to celebrate All Hallows Read. Ze also participates in community storytelling and still writes fanfic in hir off hours.

Ze will write in any given spare moment, even without pen and paper to jot things down wity. Hir creative process is to run through several drafts on a strictly mental basis before committing anything to file. Ze also keeps a file of interesting words and phrases that may or may not be used in later works. Ze just keeps writing, despite disaster, technological failures, illness, inconvenience, holding down a day job, and variations on economic crisis.

Maybe one day, hir determination will pay off.