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Blowing Bubbles is one of the few stories published so far that don't necessarily fit into the Amalgam Universe. It's concerned with virtual reality combined with modern antisocial attitudes, and telepresence. You can purchase it here.


Marv is just another guy in the crowd. He just wants to get through the day with a minimum of fuss, even though the entire virtual community is buzzing about the new upgrade. He didn't want to hear anything about them.

Until he saw one.

Instead of another Bubble with a blandly-assembled face, there's something that looks really human. Colourful and unique. Friendly. With interface protocols that go all the way back to pre-VR technology. And he wants in.

Imagine his shock and awe when the parcel for his upgrade is not a mod for his VR set, but a series of mods for himself. And an access card.

Years had passed since the last time a human had walked through reality. Now he was in it, he never wanted to go back. He becomes part of the secret revolution without a thought. Joins a growing community of free-thinkers.

And begins enlisting others who are curious...